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Specify motion detection zones in Mode rules

My Arlo Pro 2 is connected to mains via an Arlo Outdoor Power Adapter, and Arlo allows me to specify multiple motion detection zones for the camera.  It even allows me to give a name to each zone.


I would like to be able to specify which motion detection zones to include/ignore, when I edit a "Mode" for the system.




In my case:

  • When I am at home, I would like to ignore one zone (because it catches family members frequently coming and going) and only be notified if there is movement in the other zone (to catch "ninja" couriers, before they can flee without delivering our stuff).
  • When I am away from home, I would like to capture movement in either zone.

The rule editor allows me to specify which cameras should detect motion, and the sensitivity percentage, but I can't specify detection zones belonging to each camera.