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I Need Help, Please

I NEED REAL HELP - July 22, 2018


I am only writing in reporting a problem. Please read this information carefully, hence you won’t get confused about the different updated versions. 


One of the five Arlo WireFree camera devices says “Firmware update in progress. Do not remove batteries.”  That camera version is 1.2.16720.


Altogether the four camera devices have the same version 1.2.16720 and no updates available. The fifth camera device has the different version 1.2.21616 and no updates available. 


The two cameras are in activity. The two other cameras are still offline, but I will solve the offline cameras later in the future. And the fifth cam is still “in progress.” 


The active base station has version and no updates available. 


I have waited for that camera device to finish progressing, but it has still been in progress for a real long time. What should I do about the situation?


FYI: I would prefer only written communications between the one Arlo Support person (even the same person) and myself, not among the different Arlo Support Center people, or otherwise, I will get obscured by the way what many people would give me their different suggestions. Thank you all for your understanding.