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Solar panel power for cameras

It would be great to be able to attach solar panels to the cameras for more perment installs to charge the batterys.

The cameras don't have a huge power reservse.  For those unit mounted outside, why not have an optional solar panel with an internal super capacitor the would power the camera?  The internal batteries would only power the camera once the capacitor's power was gone.  This of course would require the camera's to be re-engineered to have a plug in for the auxiliary power supply.  This of course could not be done now, but perhaps when the Arlo hardware products are updated with future models


Wouldn't that be easy to develop? The only thing we need to do is to find out the power consumption of the camera, drill a little hole on the camera (where the batteries go), channel the two cables (Positive and negative) and connect it to a solar panel! 

This idea could also work for having your camera always connected to an outlet. Smiley Happy 

We just need to engineer the correct power consumption and bam! we are done. 


What do you guys think?

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Great Idea! Thanks for sharing!


Really like this one!!!


Ive been going through batteries pretty quickly on my two ARLO camera outside. I would love to see a solor panel upgrade for the cameras. 


This would make using the ARLO cameras outside where there is constant traffic a plus. Solar panels would solve replacing batteres ever couple of weeks.

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This would actually be pretty awesome, good idea!


Solar would be awesome. The Ring stick up cam has already implemented solar, we need this!!!