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Software improvements for end users

1) Option to have default display on the mobile be a simple, 1-click system setting page. It currently takes 4 clicks to change the setting from login.

2) Allow multiple general riules for and customizable rules for each camera. Example: System arms with geofencing and/or a schedule (say, 9p-7a every night). And something like: Garage camera operates with motion 24/7 or Backyard camera records everything between 2p&4p, etc.


3) Add a function to sound siren and record when another siren is sounding. So if my entry alarm sounds, the system records everything for a specified time period.


4) Allow sysem control from Siri and other similiar platforms.


5) Support direct NAS connectivity. duh...


+1 good ideas.  Yes SMB/NFS, etc should already exist.

!. Please add a delay option for Arming system so you do not have to stop a few hundred feet from surveillance location to arm. the system. (Note I do not wish to use geofencing as I do not wish to have Location turned on constantly on mobile device - battery and privacy!) 2. It would be greatly helpful to have a widget button on the mobile device to quickly arm (arm only) the system. 3. Please add to the notification settings a way to turn off email notifications. 4. Please made your online control page options consistent (the same options available) with the software app for mobile devices.
It would also be greatly appreciated if it was possible to configure more than one Schedule, with different times and different cameras active.