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DIY - Custom eMail alert alarm


I've seen a few posts wishing for some sort of attention-grabbing notification based on certain conditions.  I thought I'd post this because some Arlo users may find this a suitable solution to what they are looking for.  I'll be brief, and discuss details only if asked.


First of all, if you like Windows, and if you like the Mail program packaged with it - you probably will NOT like this.  Just saying.  I'm not a Windows fan in the least. 


In summary: I use the Thunderbird email client.  Within that client, I installed the "Mailbox Alert" extension.  I have an email address specifically for websites that demand your email which typically results in inbox junk.  From Arlo, I created a Mode that sends the alerts to that "junk" email address.  When Thunderbird receives the email, a filter detects it is from Arlo and plays a .wav file(I used a "doorbell.wav" I found out there).  Typically that's what I use it for - deliveries to my front door and stuff so they don't get stolen off my porch.  Of course, this all assumes your PC is on and volume turned up.  Just FYI, the "Mailbox Alert" extension also allows for command execution. You can do some fun stuff with that.


If this all sounds overly complicated - it probably wont interest you.  Personally, it took me around 5 minutes to set up since I already had the software.  If you run a relatively sophisticated email client or Linux, then you are way ahead of me and have all kinds of clever ideas stirring around by now.  🙂  I'd like to hear them if you do...





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Thanks for sharing!




In-Line with this logic, would be custom gMial filters applying labels and setting Android to notify differing audio per label.


Ya bet...


Note that within the email body sent by Arlo, it contains text from the camera that sent the email.  So your filters can be based on that and do different things.


If you use the Outlook client in Microsoft Office, the rules there can get quite sophisticated.  This was just aimed at what you can do with free software available.





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Being able to have custom subjects for email alerts would be great. Seeing how they are defined per mode, you can have it set in the mode section. This will allow 2 things


-- Threading can be prevented (such as n Gmail)

-- You can set up email filters/priorities based on the subjects. Hence ALARM mode can be treated differently than SCHEDULED / etc 



Arlo Moderator

We greatly appreciate the community’s contribution and will keep the status of this idea updated as we get new information on its potential implementation. Thank you for posting your idea!

The camera email alerts are annoying. They could easily be changed to be helpful.

Use subject line real estate correctly . Get rid of unnecessary words!!! — “Activity alert: Arlo Smart Detected a Person” way unnecessary.
Change to:
Alert Person-Arlo Cam (name)

I’m paying for Smart - I don’t want to pay for advertising its name. Put yourself in lens of customer.

The body of the e-mail is such fine print! Do u think your customers have the time to read such fine print? Why do your emails take up 2 pages on my iPhone XR screen with so much white space ????

To echo the comments above, it would be a GREAT feature to be able to customize the ARLO alert messages that are sent out via email (and/or SMS).  I am managing three different ARLO systems, so the messages I receive via email and/or text do not tell me which system is alerting.  I would want to be able to customize the alert to tell me the system and camera location.  Thank you.

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@sjarus I first send these to a privatee google group, then I tack on a Subject line to send to the 'list' It works, but is some juggling


@glennman's subject recommendation is spot-on.


I also like to see the body of the email reorganized so that it's:

  1. image (full width on mobile phone)
  2. alert details (in a bigger font)
    1. Camera Name
    2. Time
    3. Trigger
    4. "Smart" activity detected, if any (animal, person, package, vehicle, etc)
  3. system details
    1. base station name
    2. base station mode
  4. Arlo branding, required email list footer, etc

Drop the "Hi, [customer]" and conversational/letter format. It's an alert; it should be formatted so that the customer can --with the least time and effort-- see what's the alert is about.


Thanks, Arlo! Seemingly small improvements like this can make a big difference.


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