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Simple log of events


   I would be interested in a basic data log of events when the cameras make a recording that could be reported out at some selectable timeframe (i.e. a week, month, quarter, year, etc.). The log would be some general format like a .CSV file type (that you could export/save to personal storage/cloud location) with just Date, Time, Device that triggered, what caused the trigger (motion/audio), duration of recording, status/mode of device/base station. Where i don't have to have a video refernce I can at least a log entry for a date to see if any events might have occured. 

   A use example could be somebody said they dropped something off or visited your locaiton on some past date. You may or may not have had a recording, if there was a recording you may not have saved it. At least you could have a log that a recording was triggered to potentially correlate something actually occured.


Thanks for your consideration