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Schedule Camera(s) to take Pictures

I am using Arlo for a construction project Im currently working on. This project will be going on for more than a year. It would be great if you could add a feature that would allow me to schedule the camera(s) to automatically take a picture at certain points during the day. For example, I would like to be able to place markers on the schedule at 11:00am and 4:00pm and then have the camera(s) turn on a take a picture at those selected times. This would be great for eventually putting together a timelapse of the project over a year's time. 


Thanks - Peter


Has this thread really been going on since 2015 (6 years) with no resolution from Arlo? Did I miss it? What is the status Arlo? Can you or can you not have a camera take a picture or maybe a 10 second video and email/text it on a scheduled basis? 


+1 this would be a welcome feature. Frankly it prevents me from wanting to buy more Arlo cameras, for our outdoors at home + to put in our holiday house. Motion is not enough and we need the ability to take regular snaps, (and / or video snaps) at certain intervals or times of the week to check up on maintenance, key events, monitor grass growth, spot any damage etc...


There is something you can put together via IFTTT, but it’s limited + this should be a camera feature and also be for both starting video clips and for taking taking pictures/snapshots.


This would be a great enhancement for the user’s experience. Now when I open the app I must activate every camera sequentially to have an updated picture. If I could have all relatively recent pictures at glance it would be much better.


Arlo cameras that use batteries and are connected to a solar panel, especially with 4G connections, are very flexible. This makes them interesting for object detection, analyzing traffic, parking status, and more. However, as of today, the cameras do not have the software settings to enable this usage.


Can you include the option of having the cameras send a photo file at a set rate? I think the options of a rate between every 5 seconds and 2 minutes would be interesting. The program would also need to be able to get the photo files, via mail or even a digital folder.


Hope this is possible and doesn't require too much battery. My company would be interested in buying several cameras plus accessories if this was implemented.


Thank You!


I am very interested in this feature. Maybe a cheap Chinese camera is the solution but that would very disappointing. Please Arlo implement this feature.

Hi, is there any way to set up the camera to take a picture at a set time every day? E.g. to take a picture at noon every day? Would be great as a feature.

No, unless you can do it thru IFTTT or a third party script


It would be great to be able to take a daily snapshot at the same time, we use the camera to monitor construction jobsites.