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Remove Play/Pause selectable BUTTON from the center of the screen

Currently when viewing any recorded video in the Library, There is a round ,partially transparent Pause/Play button.  It sits directly on the center of the screen.  It disappears during playback but returns when paused.


The problem with this selectable button's placement, is that when one pauses during any segment of the playback of the recording, the button appears blocking the area of the middle of the screen.  This is an important area for viewing when recording and is very annoying and obstrucive when trying to view the scene behind it when paused.


Personally, I seen absolutly no need for this opion on the screen.  There are operation buttons available at the bottom below the screen.


If you must have this button on the screen, then at least move it to a corner like the upper right or left side of the screen.




Another vote to remove this icon from the previews and the videos. It's very much in the way. I have to start playing and then go back using the timeline to see the first few seconds of each video.