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Remove Arlo Pro 2 White Rim

Arlo Pro 2 vs Arlo Pro.PNG

We love the Arlos and new new features of the Pro 2, we have them at multiple properties. HOWEVER, who thought the white rim around the lens was a good idea on the Pro 2? If you cover the camera with a silicon cover black or otherwise and try to hide it, guess what you see? A big ass white rim around black.  That isn't the case for the Arlo Pro which conceals much better. You force the Pro 2 owners to paint or tape or put something on them to get them to conceal. It is not a good feature or idea. Lable the camera or something if you're trying to differeniate the 2 models. The white rim is absolutely ridiculous. I love the improvement in the 2 but you really need to change the rim back to black. Saves you money too. You already have that part in stock. I would love to trade my Pro 2s in when you fix this glaring issue. Please advise. 


I currently have Arlo Pro with black skins against black cladding. With the black bezel on the Pro the camera is very discrete. I'm upgrading to Pro2 because of the image clarity limitations of the Pro (cant read number plates). Unfortunately the Pro 2 has a white bezel on the front of the camera face which stands out like a sore thumb between skin and camera face. I suspect this was to differentiate the Pro2 but it doesnt add to functionality. Could we have an option for all black, or at least have a clip of black bezel to cover this?


Yes, as well as the Arlo Q. We really need both black and white options for cameras --- especially since skins like that for the Arlo Q don't completely conceal it.