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PRIVACY ISSUE. Camera records when other cameas acitivated, despite being turned off

I have four arlo pro wireless, firmware, hardware VMB4000r3r and arlo wireless three security lights. I utilize the app on the latest OS for Iphone and desktop. I contacted arlo support with this issue case #40576190 and despite escalation have not recieved any feedback or response. I would like to mention that i had liked the arlo system and trusted arlo greatly until this occurred. I am NOT satistifed with the explination/response by my inital contact with support and have taken the necessary steps to ensure our privacy that i can take. I moved all cameras outside, no cameras are utilized inside anymore and I have decided not to purchase any additonal cameras because of this. The response i recieved blamed the mode i created, base station ect. I hope this is not common and or acceptable to Arlo. If it is l will begin to look for another security system. However, common sense and my idea of privacy dictate that OFF means OFF, no matter what the custom mode created ...ect and I would hope that this would be a big issue for Arlo. I can't image one customer being alright with a camera they manually turned off and unknowingly have it record video. Others should be made aware of this issue or the chance that it can occur


When I contacted customer service to find out about this issue when discovered, the technical assistance personnel had a poor grasp of the issue explained, and produced poor notes which did not accurately describe what the issue was. As I was turning off the base station in the basement, as instructed by the representative, I was disconnected by the reception coverage. I was so mad at this point, repeatedly describing...over and over to the representative,  among other things that when i was disconnected I didn't have the patience to talk to him again. I attempted to call the customer service number several times a couple days later on 11-19-2018 following this contact, but could not get anyone on the phone and then ended up sending a follow up email, to which, i have not recieved any reply. 
I feel the necessity to contact this forum to get some sort of response and hope this issue can be resolved. So in summary, I have four cameras. two indoor and two outdoors. I have three spot lights and have interconnected them so motion from the lights or camera will activate the cameras outdoor to record. Both indoor cameras are turned off when we are home but are still active on the base station. I turn the cameras off when home and on my app and on the computer it shows that "this camera is disabled and will not respond to mode changes. To enable the camera , turn the camera ON from the device settings." 
So on 11-17-2018 at 1741 hours (the living room camera, now newly titled camera) was in the off position. The two outside cameras (Barn and SW side were ON and were activated by motion). This was a custom mode. The living room camera, now the newly titled camera, despite being turned off, recorded video at the same time as the two outside cameras. It did this on three occasions; at 1741, 1748 and 1843 hours. How is it that a camera, turned off is recording video? The living room/newly titled camera was included in the custom mode I created, but as previously stated was turned off in my phone app and on my desktop.  The camera should not record if it is turned off, no matter what mode it is in or any other circumstance. OFF should mean OFF. The support person stated that, despite the app on my phone and computer desktop showing the camera was OFF, his display showed that my camera was ON. How is this?
In summary, under no circumstances should a camera be able to record if turned off. If it does, i'd like to know why it has to be that way and why it cannot be changed. Also other arlo user and potential users should be advised of this if there is any chance this can occur.  Thank you for your attention to this.