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Record video when Arlo Doorbell button is pressed

I'd like to see an option to trigger recording video on my Arlo Pro when the doorbell button is pressed. The motion sensor on the doorbell is too sensitive and I get a lot of false triggers, so I can't use that to trigger video recording. 


Indeed, another trigger sounds like a doable and not too difficult solution to me as well. Hopefully Arlo thinks about it the same way 😉

The only option currently is to record video when motion is detected. I live on a city street. So that doesn't work for me. How about an option to record video when someone presses the doorbell?

I think this would be a great option.


Is there any way of setting the Doorbell so that video is saved to the library when someone presses the doorbell?


I have motion notifications set to armed only on a schedule.


So if someone presses the doorbell and I am not in and not able to answer the phone, I have no idea who was at the door as nothing is recorded.


Is this correct and is this a feature that is missing or am I not looking in the correct place?