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POE/Powered Version

Love where we're headed. Conceptually, it's great, but I feel the need for POE cameras where usable. These cameras would not have to have the limitations imposed by the battery powered units. I'm not suggesting a change as that defeats the entire premise of the design. What I would like to see is a supplement camera that uses POE and/or a power adapter that uses WiFi or wired.


These cameras could run in real-time and could still record on motion but be able to be monitored 24/7. A great example is a camera on my front door or the door to my shop where getting at least ethernet to it would be easy. Inside house cameras? Most of mine inside my home are near an ethernet jack anyway. It would be nice to have a realtime feed option.


I have to believe this is a natural planned evolution of the system but I wanted to throw that out there.


I love the battery powered aspect of Arlo, but it would be very noice to have the option of plugging a camera into a power source and forgetting about the battery life issue. I understand that this might limit powered uses too indoor locations, but it would greatly extend the utility of this product to have power options that included plugging in.

I've seen this question before...and Im never sure how anyone could think this was ever possible. There is nowhere on these cameras to plug in any type of cord (whatsoever). I guess Ive read ALOT of questions regarding the addition of certain functions to these cameras that were never intended and are honestly impossible to entertain. I read another comment about adding sound...again, isnt this completely impossible to do with the current cameras? These functions cant be added by a simple firmware update! 🙂

I've seen the question about wired power, but I haven't seen a solution. I have a camera indoors right next to a power outlet. Would be great to not have to worry about batteries at least for that camera. My other "problem" camera is the driveway. My adult kids are in and out of the house all day, so the camera is recording all the time. At least once a week each is washing their car, and if I don't manually intervene via schedule, I get 2-3 hours worth of 10 second clips, and a few hundred text messages. This is completely insane. Right now I had to set a schedule where the driveway camera doesn't record at all during the day, and that really defeats the purpose. We need a power adapter and continuous recording if motion continues. Otherwise, it's more trouble that it's worth.

Perhaps in the next hardware iteration?  I like the Homeboy's option to have a USB plugin for recharging - and if the camera is indoors you can just leave it plugged in.  Key would be to make sure any plug was weather resistant.


I agree with the post about adding POE as an option to purchase separately or as a new feature added to a product line extension.  I have ethernet cabling at home and runs to my front door and other entrances would be trivial.  I like the flexibility and the "install and forget about it" that plugging the camera into an ethernet jack offers.  Wireless and batteries are nice, but it doesn't meet all the use cases and requirements some people may have for a security camera.

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Status changed to: Implemented

Great Idea! Take a look at this article showcasing the features of the new Arlo Q! Arlo Wire-Free compared to Arlo Q

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Status changed to: Implemented



Are you saying that now the original Arlo cameras, not the Q, can use external power rather than batteries? If not, how can this feature be declared Implemented.  


I noticed the same approach of declaring "Implemented" features that were requested on the original Arlo cameras just because the new Q cameras can do what it was requested for the original Arlo cameras. 


i love how someone asks for something on the arlo wireless cameras and netgears responds with "great news,  now implemented on the arlo Q" lol