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Notification Routing

When I get a notification of activity with the iOS app and I click the notification, it brings me to the main screen Devices. I have to then click Library > select the recorded video (That's 3 clicks. Technically I also have to wait for it to log me back in – which is another nuisance in and of itself that should probably be addressed).. If the video is still recording (and that's not made very clear in the notification), it's not visible in the library. I then have to go back to Devices > click Live View on the camera, wait for it to sync etc etc. In this scenario, assuming I don't know it's still recording, that's 4 clicks. 

What Ring does when I click on the notification is bring me right to the live view. That is a step in the right direction but if it's a previously recorded event or the event window has closed I have to go to the history to view it (and exit live mode.. which is annoying).


What I would like is either the Live View when it's live (one click) or the recorded video to play (one click) when I click on the notification. Minimize clicking and get people to what they want to see (their end goal) quicker. 

Thank you for your consideration

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Arlo Moderator

We greatly appreciate the community’s contribution and will keep the status of this idea updated as we get new information on its potential implementation. Thank you for posting your idea!