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New Website UI ( does not include the "remember me" checkmark. bring it back.

Hello, I'm using windows and ever since the website UI got an "upgrade" the "remember me" checkmark got removed. I do not save passwords on browser for security reasons. It would be nice if the webmaster brought it back. I do see the remember me password on your community login but not ... it's very useful for me.


@dec0y wrote:

... but not ... 

This is tangential, but you should switch to (Arlo isn't part of Netgear anymore).


I also want "remember me",  so I am liking your post.


I was abl to get Fire Fox to remember my login and pw... by cutting and then pasting into slots, it then asked if i wanted to remember.


Arlo web login page doesnt have the option to remember credentials, and everytime I want to check my cameras i get asked for login name and password, tried in chrome, firefox, ms edge and its the same on all of them.


Its very annoying!

It is a security thing. Arlo is not alone in this.


Most modern browsers offer login storage. Then there are password programs that will do the same thing. Lockwise for Firefox is a relatively new one.




@michaelkenward thaks, what you mean is that this is something on purpose? that it was meant to be like that because of security reasons? (sorry, im not a native english speaker)


Yes... but I got Fire Fox to retain login/pw after a cut and paste into screen.... it asked to remember.

so it turns out just to be an additional mouse click