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Add another option of two-factor verification and more

Hi Arlo, I have a few recommendations, that I would like you to implement. First of all, when you rolled out your latest app with version 2.8.0_25778 featuring two-step verification, I enabled this and trusted my primary device, which comes with Android 9. I have another device, which features only Android 4.4.2, and when I try to log in to the app here, I am told that I need to disable two-factor verification or switch it off in order to use this device with your new app. I think that this is a shame and I hope that you will enable support for older Android devices using your new app with two-step verification. Second of all, now that you support two-step verification, I can only receive OTP's via SMS, and as you might know, this is not a safe method to login to services since your phone number can be hacked. I would like to see that you would enable support for instance for Authy, and enable the option to disable phone numbers for restoring users' accounts to avoid abuse. Third of all, for me, the only device automatically logged into and getting notifications from my cameras is my smartphone with Android 9. Now, with two-step verification enabled, I cannot automatically login to, but I have to receive and type in an OTP every time I want to login, and this is not feasible. I would like you to enable support for remembering browsers so I do not have to type in an OTP every time I want to login to a browser, even though I just closed and reopened it. And lastly, when logged into in a browser, I can - without warning - disable two-step verification, meaning that a potential hacker could do the same. I just did that and I expect to keep having this option turned off until I can login to a browser without having to type an OTP every time. I do not know if a warning was sent out to my primary smartphone, but if not, I would like you to implement this feature to warn users about potential intruders. Thanks for your service. I hope to see some of these recommendations implemented soon! Best regards, Cynortas