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Network Connectivity Setup - Allow static IP assignment for the base station

In future updates, I believe it would be beneficial to allow users to statically assign IP addresses for the base station.  Not all customer's use DHCP within their networks for various reasons.


You could accomplish this by defining a rule in your router to always assign a specific IP to the base stations MAC address.


I don't have my 5 camera system yet - it's on the way. How do you find the MAC address on the base station. I use MAC address filtering on my router firewall and the base station will not gain access to the internet until I record the MAC address.

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The MAC address is located on the bottom of the base station along with the serial number.





I've just bought an Arlo system and I've discovered that there is no way to set it up wit a static IP address.

OK, like the support said to me, most of users don't care about that because almost everybody have a DHCP server in their home internet access router. But it is the first network connected system I see that does not offer the possibility to set up a static IP address !

For a Netgear, a network equipment builder, it is near to unbelievable not having that option (!)

OK, you can put it in some kind of nearly hidden "advanced setup options" for advanced users. That will not make it uneaser to set it up for "standard users", but allows to set a static IP !

Come on, every network connected equipment offers nowadays that possibility, even connected children toys made in China !!!!


So please, it is not a forbidden option to add, it is a bug to fix !


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I also need to set a static ip address, please update this, or I will be returning it.

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A statically assigned IP would be helpful.  (Provided the reset button with reset back to DHCP in case of typo etc.) 


I have issues at 2 locations with the wireless routers provided by the only ISP available and it seems to fail to renew the IP lease(even with a DHCP reservation) on the camera.  Additionally there are a few locations we would like to deploy cameras and they do not have routers/DHCP but an access point or POE port is available.


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I would also like to suggest we have the option of setting a static IP address to the Arlo base station.

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Hi there
i am interested in purchasing an Arlo system for my home (and possibly for my kids set up as well). I have my home network secured and DHCP is disabled in the wireless router meaning I have assigned static IP addresses eg to every device that connects. After reading great reviews on this product with further research I read it’s not possible to simply assign a static IP address to the base station. Are there any plans to introduce this feature in future firmware updates or released in new models? I suggest introducing this feature will culminate in more sales. I need to have this confirmed before purchasing.