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Need smart motion detection rules

Arlo would be much more useful if users could define the gap between two motion detection events.

I am sure that many users would agree that dozens of motion alerts are senseless with 6 to 11 seconds clips.


I am looking for something like below.

  1. Motion detected then Camera start recording for [XX] seconds
  2. If the motion detected again during time [XX] then [XX] will reset and keep recording
  3. If no motion during [XX] seconds then it will stop when [XX] expires.  

Where [XX] will be set by user.


In general if we are getting in to the car and start driving will take at least 10 to 15 seconds, during that Arlo can't detect anything so it stop recording after six second of last motion and will start again after 4 or 5 seconds later.

Instead of that if we have option like above we can set XX to 15 or 20 second and it will keep recording and user will have entire event captured properly instead of several clips.