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Mark Area for Motion Detection



I know this has been mentioned before, many times, but I need to stress why this is so important.


If this was my product, I would have had a list of 'no questions asked' charactaristics the system should have. The number 1 item on my list would be...


Reliability... A security system MUST BE TRUSTED.


I'm trying to tell you how important a trusted, reliable system is!


The MAIN input to the above is Motion Detection. Netgear, I can't stress it more that you must make 100% sure to get this part of your system as slick as silk. Something that will make leaps of difference around reliability / motion detection is to be able to specify a detection area. This should be your first step. If you want to take this to the next level, allow specification of multiple areas with different sensitivity levels. But, step 1 will be more than enough for now and will make such a huge difference. 


As said, I know this has been mentioned many time before. Netgear, its important that you understand how critical this aspect is for you system. Please think about it, again!


I'm very impressed with your system thus far. I'd like to see it go to the next level... 😉


PS: Please add the option to verlay the video with parameters like date / time, camera name, etc 😉





Grid blocking is an absolute necessity for me on one of my cameras for best use of the camera without triggering events constantly due to normal road activity. Grid blocking area so activity in that area near a road would enhance the ability I have to use the Arlo Pro. Also date printing on recordings would be very useful if you were in the need of taking a video to the police or court and only see numeric coding on the picture when it's downloaded now and changing this to date and time coding would be excellent.




This would be useful to stop cars and trees (moving in the wind) setting off motion detection


Uh oh. New to Arlo but two other camera systems I use both have area selection for motion sensing.

surprised and disappointed to learn spiffy new system can't do that. 

This may cause me to turn motion off completely, which means no recording, which means I bought the wrong product 😵