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Need a timer for brightness in the app.

Could an option be added to the brightness, like a timer, eg: full brightness @ 21:00 and back to 50% @ 05:30, or whatever times suit your area of the world.
Just so the night vision is better.

Arlo Moderator

That would be a great option to accommodate for certain areas of the world.We greatly appreciate the community’s contribution and will keep the status of this idea updated as we get new information on its potential implementation. Thank you for posting your idea!


Why I ask for this, because I had a Yobbo (a silly bugger) come into our yard and the night vision was pretty poor to see who it was, but if I had the brightness up full I might have seen who it was.

I have since installed some solar security lights which might help.


Love this idea!  This or allow for IFTTT apps to trigger Arlo on a schedule to adjust video brightness.


I don't think it will happen as there is more problems with the cameras now than the first settlers had.

The worst of the lot is that they are now so slow to record and send to the cloud, I have loads of video with nothing, absolutely worthless.. When I first bought these the cams were fantastic, if a car went past it recorded the car in time for me to see, sometimes we have cars laying rubber and it misses them, i'm totally put off by these cameras now and not recommending these to anyone which would make me look stupid.

Have your cams slowed fpicote ? What cameras do you have?