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Multiple types of magnet mount

Currently, the magnet mount is a half sphere plate where you have to drill a hole on the wall to mount it. I guess most of the people would just think that's how you hang a picture, so that's how to hang a camera. But what if I don't want to drill a hole in my wall. Here are my ideas:


- The current half sphere, but the back side can attach a suction cup that I can mount on my window or mirror or somewhere glossy.

- The current half sphere, but the back side allows me to attach those 3M removable sticker. Current plate back side has a big hole for the screws, so the 3M sticker would not work.

The current half sphere, but the back side can attach another flat magnet, so I can put it on my metal A/C vent cover, garage door metal rail, the pole of my light stand... all the metal surface. I actually am doing this right now, use the existing magnet on the camera to stick it on various metal surfaces, but since the current surface is made to acommodate the half sphere, it's not attaching very well and I cannot rotate it, so only very limited places will work.



These are just few ideas how I would suggest you can utilize the half sphere, I am sure there are a lot other ways to use it... maybe playdough compatible?

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