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Multi-facotor authentication when logging in

With all the security concerns about hacking and personal privacy Arlo should add a multi-factor authentication option to user account settings for those users that want to further secure their accounts. 

Arlo Moderator

We greatly appreciate the community’s contribution and will keep the status of this idea updated as we get new information on its potential implementation. Thank you for posting your idea!


With millions of account hacked, with even competitor, nest, has obseved hacked into customer account, how can I trust 4 Arlo cameras that I have. Am I the only one who is watching my house from inside and outside or is there any hacker also watching me?

This has been discussed for more than 2 years on

If 2FA, doesn't get added into a month, better to move out of Arlo as not sure who is watching my house other than me.



Hello Arlo Team,


Thanks dak90020 for bringing this up.


This has been in the discussion in 2016 and I am surprised that its still not implemented. These days this is not "Good to have Feature" but a "Must Feature" for all security related devices.


There are times when I see LED (infrared) glows even when I am not checking arlo. This is a serious concern and I am not sure if I can consider Arlo safe. I change my passwords regularly inspite of that I see LED glows.


I completely agree with dak90020. There are some security camera companies which immediately implemented multi factor authentication after hacking incidents. When will Arlo implement this? Please escalate to your products team.