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Amazon Fire TV Arlo App

Please release an app for the ever popular Amazon Fire TV!?!

The app could be based around the Apple TV app!
Reading through the datasheet for the Arlo Q, I note a Fire OS app is available!?! I'm hoping this provides a solid foundation for a Fire TV app... Amazon's streaming sticks are particularly handy, and offer a fantastic basis for operating Arlo from a TV screen!!!

I can't agree more. The Fire TV would be a perfect fit for an ARLO app. I am hoping that this is in the works, if not please Netgear, make this a reality!

Another vote for FireTV app!

Fire TV is a great platform and having Arlo on it would be awesome... let's get to it NetGear! 


I agree. This would be a killer app.


I would also love to be able to use it with the Fire Stick 🙂


Hey everyone - just noticed that if you have the Alexa skill loaded for Arlo, you can view camera feeds on Fire TV. I just tried it and it worked (mostly). When switching to other cameras sometimes it didn't complete the switching... but it's a start.


Need an App that works on Amazon Fire Tv/Stick please 


Agree.  Yesterday I purchased the Arlo Pro camera suit.  According to Amazon specs and descriptions of the Arlo Pro camera's, the Arlo app was suppose to work on my Amazon Fire TV's (I have 5 Fire TV's) and whereby, I would be able to show the camera's on my TV.  DID NOT HAPPEN!!!!!  Instead, when I tried to download The Arlo App on my Fire TV's (from the Amazon Store), I get a message that reads "Unavailable".  THAT'S CRAP AND VERY MISLEADING as all the writeups indicate the Arlo app works with Fire TV's!!!!!  Now it appears that I have to BUY an Amazon 'Echo Dot' to link with ONE of my Fire TV's, in order to view my Arlo camera o my TV!  This is so DECEPTIVE on so many levels!