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Move To HTML5

Highly recommend moving from flash to HTML5. Many work provided mobile devices restrict app installing and since Android and Apple don't have flash support so you cannot stream the cameras through browsers. Flash has become very restricted in its support. Moving to HTML5 would solve a lot of issues and provide better future compatibility.




(1) my work computer says upgrade flash but the update always fails and I don't want to put a ticket in for personal use since I am a contractor

(2) new Samsung Smart TV has no Arlo app but it does have an internet browser.... but I can't update the flash!

(3) as many have pointed out, flash is insecure, it is  dead....



Occurs to me that the camera itself must be streaming in some other format as clearly there is an iOS app, and iOS doesn't support flash!

I'm new to Arlo. I was really mistified that streaming requires a legacy technology like Flash was used for this fairly modern camera system. I don't normally have Flash on any of my browsers, as it's so rarely needed nowadays, and seen by some as a security risk. I saw the title of this thread and wanted to add my support of dumping Flash! 


Still only future consideration? Adobe killed flash last year, and most modern browsers block it by default.


Flash as a technology has been a security issue and is on its way out.  A better way would be to use something else like html5.  Please consider doing away with Flash and finding another way to display the video on Arlo Web.

Thank you


well it will happen , at least by 2020 when support on flash stops


Not everyone has Flash players installed in their web browsers. HTML5 videos should work too.


Thank you in advance. 🙂


Live view in the web based Arlo app STILL requires Flash?  Flash is dead people:


Please integrate an HTML5 solution.


Still needs mention of when hmtl5 may come


Do i need to return my Arlo Pro 2 system becasue it is becoming unuseable on a PC using a browser to view the camreas ?


Spent 40 mins with Netgear support for the issue of multiple browsers failing to log in with Flash plug in issues whilst i can access my content on the arlo site via an Android phone ?


Are there any plans to migrate away from flash or are Netgear sticcking with it ?


I have spent over $1,200 on this system and it needs to work most of the time from a modern PC for me to justifyt that expenditure.