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Move To HTML5

Highly recommend moving from flash to HTML5. Many work provided mobile devices restrict app installing and since Android and Apple don't have flash support so you cannot stream the cameras through browsers. Flash has become very restricted in its support. Moving to HTML5 would solve a lot of issues and provide better future compatibility.





We'd like to add cameras. However, we will not purchase any more devices until Flash is eliminated. Upgrading to HTML5 only requires a small investment; not sure why this hasn't moved forward. Perhaps the customer feedback is not reaching the right levels. 


Adobe has announced that they're pulling the plug on Flash. Time for an HTML 5 interface. 




Thanks ih8gates for the news.


Why is Netgear still using Flash when its vulnerabilities are well know and it is not suppoerted on many browsers?


Flash? Seriously?

If I'd've known before buying, that would've been a dealbreaker.

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Dear Arlo folks, 


My company has now BLOCKED the download and use of FLASH as apparently it introduces an unacceptable security risk. Therefore, when I get an alert while I am at work I can not see what is happening. Sometimes I can log in with my mobile, but the connection is sketchy. 

So, now the ARLO product is basically useless to me during the day. I guess I need to look for an alternative solution. I don't understand how your company can be so far behind on this.




Netgear has really dropped the ball here. A security product that doesn't appear to understand security.


That said, VT,  I use a home automation platform calle d Home Assistant. It runs on a Raspberry Pi. There's an Arlo component that allows me to stream, via Home Assistant, the last recorded video from my camera. 


Setup is non-trivial. There are several steps to setting up Home Assistant and making it securely visible from outside your home network. But it's a workaround if you're technically inclined.


Sadly, this only goes to demonstrate that abandoing Flash is something that Netgear can do for Arlo but they simply refuse to.

I am one of those users who uses Windows 10 Mobile with 6 inch screen! I can view recorded feed on my mobile browser but I have to switch to desktop mode. Interestingly that requirement is only for login screen (the gate keeper!). I switch to mobile mode immediately after the login and Arlo allows me to view camera feeds. What a fool to control people's mind!

Recently, Arlo added a link to browse website instead of Mobile apps on the landing page. Kudos to whomever brought the idea. However, when I tried to view cameras, it would redirect me to login page! Come on, I am already logged in!! The login page demand that I use mobile app. Why?

Why can't Arlo remove the restriction "useMobile" on the login page and let me view the feeds on mobile browser?

Also, I would suggest Arlo switch to html5 and remove flash requirements. Flash is dead and Arlo should act before flash sunset.

Your web interface REALLY needs to remove the flash requirment for use.  It's nearly 2018 - the horse is dead, time to get with the times.