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Motion detection on only part of the view without sacrificing any of the screen

To explain this I am going to use a living room as an example.


The way it currently is set:


Put the camera in the corner of the room and catch the entire room - Fantastic!

Anyone walks into the view, it records - Fantastic!


Now say there is a glass on a table in the middle of the room. 

I can "crop" or "zoom in" on the table and the camera will shoot only that, so if someone touches the glass it records, but it only shows the table.


What I want: Show the entire room - BUT - only put the motion detection on the table, so the entire room is in the camera view but the recording only happens if someone is in the table view. This way I can see where the person went, who the person was, etc instead of potentially just the hand grabbing the glass.

How is this NOT already implemented?
Nest cam has this function for a while. shouldn't be complicated to implement. at least add triangle shapes.

Most false triggers I've seen are wind related ... primarily leaves blowing around that enter the camera's field of view from unpredictable directions and leaving the scene equally randomly.  That phenomena makes definition of user drawn polygons where the camera doesn't sense and trigger of limited utility.  Wind noise triggering recording is also problematic.  


I'd rather see Arlo programmers figure out how to detect wind noice when wind speed picks up significantly and automatically shift from armed to an "armed & windy" mode automatically.  That mode would just reduce camera and mic sensitivity by one unit ... that would eliminate most of my falis e triggers.  Zones would only deminish my system's false triggers rarely when an occasional deer, dog or cat crosses the sensed area of a single camera. 

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Currently, Arlo and Arlo Pro does NOT have a motion dectection zones. I can only zoom in/out of an area.


I would like to have a motion dectection zones, so it will trigger video reconding of the whole area when object enter the zone.


Right now, if I don't zoone out. camera trigger by street traffic, but when I zoom out I have a very limit area in the recording, so I cannot tell what car the person stop by my door drove away with.


This feature is already availabe in Arlo Q, why not put it in Arlo Pro?


Just so your aware... the PIR device that senses, covers the entire field of view regardless of the cropping of the picture you see.

( both Arlo and Arlo Pro)


To TomMac,


Yeah you are right!!, I zoom'ed in on my drive way in hoping that road traffic won't trigger Arlo Pro, unless someone pull in to my drive way. Now, I just have a bunch of videos without any movement in it.


The zoom and Pan feature is useless!!! Give us the activity zone please!!!




The zoom and Pan feature is useless!!! Give us the activity zone please!!!


It does have it's usage but not in that case

I would love this also. I have some cameras that cover my front street and they activate every time a car drives by.

When the camera includes this feature I will buy them for my whole house.  
Any idea if it's in the works???  Has Arlo even acknowledged that this is a popularly demanded feature?