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Manual Deletion of Recycle Bin

Please allow us this option.  


If the concern is that you want to protect a user's recordings, where an unauthorized user is looing to permanently delete "evidence", then perhaps you could incorportate a two-step verification to empty the recycle bin.  For example, use Google Authenticator on a user's mobile device that prompts for a code every time a user attempts to empty the recycle bin.

Thanks in advance for the consideration.


Option to delete Video files from the recycling bin.  Give the user an option to perform this.  I think this is a security issue if you cant delete files and someone logs into your system and see all 7 days of where the camera has recored..


 Please add this option in the next release of firmeware.


I agree 100% that there should be an option to delete video files from the recycle bin. This should be relatively easy to implement compared to some of the other ideas suggested.  Overall, I am happy with the performance of my two Arlo cameras, but not having the ability to instantly permanently delete my private recordings is a bit disappointing.


I was very surprised that there is no option to delete files permanently...scary. May have to take this is a security issue.


I agree! I would like to be able to manually empty the recycle bin - Please consider this feature in the next code update!


I would go beyond the original request and state that this is a must!  The lack of the ability to manually delete contents of the recycle bin is a pretty compelling reason for my user persona to return my unit.  Embarasing life happens, the user should have the power to permanently erase these reminders.  Put in whatever security / authentication steps you feel are nessessary, but to ignore this use case would show lack of compassion to your customer base.


would be great to have this manual clear option right now! thanks


Used my camera for one week only and now I have 50 clips of my gardener mowing the lawn which I can't delete.... plus another 10 clips of the Garbage Collector, add to that clips of my family entering/leaving the driveway.... oh let’s not forget the 30+ clips of squirrels, cats and raccoons crossing the camera. Why would I want to keep all this? Unless Netgear has been granted unlimited disk space by the storage gods, then I too request to give legitimate users the option to permanently delete. Worse case scenario you can always restore clips if needed. Plus I download to my computer so I have a copy… In short -  dear product management please do give us cool security fans an option to permanetly delete from recycle bin.

Thank you – Sincerely, - an Arlot in Houston


try this...

set up a new online identity...example.(

pull batterys from all cameras

go to arlo "settings"

base station settings


subscription (left column)

cloud storage ( DELETE ALL FILES)

unplug modem

repower up again


new system setup

enter new email etc.

reinstall batterys

follow instructions on how to sync cameras 

(new identity- no history)

good luck



I have had the camera for one week now and would liek to also ahve the hard delete function asap. I have 7 day to return it and would like to see this feature integrated ASAP!


Add me to this. It's a must if you care about privacy.