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Make PC as a trusted device for 2FA

I use 3 devices to access my Arlo cams. My phone, my tablet and my PC. It isn't possible to add my PC to known devices for the 2 step verification process. Every time I try to access my cams via my PC, I have to get the code from my phone and enter it in my PC. Would be much easier for PC users to have the capability to list the PC as a known device. 


The Arlo support team confirmed that the current setup will not allow a pc as a trusted device.  Again, the current system will not allow a pc as a trusted device - no exceptions.  They suggested that the community push for this to be added to the software. 


"They suggested that the community push for this to be added to the software. "


How should we do this pushing? Write to the CEO? Is there another way?


In addition to not being able to add PCs, I also cannot add a Kindle fire tablet. Forced to enable 2FA by month end I enabled my Moto G5+ selecting Push Notification and it was identified as a trusted device. My phone carrier (voip based) does not support SMS. When enabling 2FA oh the Fire the only option is to add SMS verification, as others have observed, and which is not an option for me. Nothing about setting it as a trusted device.  A KB document often referenced states: "You can add or remove phone numbers and trusted devices for two-step verification in the Profile settings of the Arlo app." That has not been my experience. If I've missed something or there is a solution I (and perhaps many others) would appreciate hearing from you. Having to have my phone handy to authorize access on another secure device is not convenient at all.


The support area suggested that we use this forum, however based on many comments it seems that Arlo isn't interested in the content of this forum.  I think that a snail mail letter to the president/ceo from many of us would be helpful. The last quarterly report lists the following:

Mr. Matthew McRae

Chief Executive Officer

Arlo Technologies, Inc

3030 Orchard Parkway

San Jose, California 95314


Like you, we also use more than one device to access the cameras. Wife phone, my phone, wife tablet, my tablet, wife laptop, and my laptop. Now how are we suppose to access our cameras from each of these devices? What email address? what phone number? Had I known we had to put in passwords just to access the cameras we would never have bought this system. Now adding another unusable step will make our system worthless. There must be a way to opt out of this joke. When someone finds that opt out feature please let me know.


When the time comes were I'm forced to use two-step verification and I can't have two trusted devices (iPhone and desktop chrome browser) is the time i stop using Arlo. Enough is enough!!!


If they actually go thru with this mess, I'll have to just throw this thing in the trash and find a wired system - one that is self-contained that doesn't rely on any outside interference. I always thought netgear was a repudible company. Arlo seems to go out of their way to prove that statement wrong. Is there even a live person that works there? How do we talk to them? As if they really care.


The money I've already spent on the years of Arlo's subscription service could have easily paid for professional hard wired installation cameras around my house.


BTW - I don't think Arlo is owned by Netgear anymore which explains the downhill quality of products and service. Surely Netgear would use two-factor authentication as it is meant to be used and not use their customers as beta testers. 


Yea arlo spun off from netgear around two years ago


For those who have one, and ONLY one, mobile device - has anyone considered what would happen should our phone die?  Or gets lost?  Then we won't even be able to log in via the web portal, since our mobile devices are the only way to approve logging in from a computer.  Who the heck ever decided that 2FA where we can't make our computers trusted devices a GOOD IDEA...???  And what about people who don't even HAVE a mobile device?  I'm sure there must be some out there somewhere...