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Log onto one account from several devices at once & Steady Live Streaming

First off may I say that I think Arlo is a high quality product and I think with a few improvements it will be the best out there. I contacted customer support and was delighted to have them promptly answer. 


I have a couple wishes I hope the Arlo team will be able to grant:


1.We need to be able to log into ONE account from several devices at once without knocking the other devices offline. Support suggested the method of creating a separate account for each device, however is not going to work for us, it just adds way too much complexity. I was really hoping to be able to take advantage of the hand-off feature of the Apple operating system that allows me to easily switch between devices.

2. When I am trying to just display a live stream, it will stop streaming and I have to refresh. for instance, I need to leave one device sitting on my desk streaming a live view of the driveway camera at all times.

So, I hope to be able to resolve the above issues so that I may purchase more cameras an be able to see live stream from my choice of several different Arlo cameras using any of several devices. If I have to keep switching between screens or refreshing, it is counter productive to my purpose.

Thank you agin so much for a potentially quality product. Looking forward to working these things out soon!
Your loyal customer
- Lilybellsoup

Arlo Employee Retired
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