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Arlo should allow for computer webcam support!

Before discovering Arlo, I have been using SKJM iCam Pro for video monitoring on my Macs/PCs inside the house.  Now that I have the Arlo, I need to rely on two different iOS apps when monitoring both Arlo and SKJM cameras when remote.  It would be nice if Arlo had a feature to incorporate Mac/PC webcams into their solution; a bonus here is that the Mac/PC webcams can also record audio.  


I'd surely upgrade from the free Arlo account to a paid account for adding additional cameras (if they were to offer such a feature).  It would also be nice to provide customers more of a "one stop shopping" for their remote monitoring needs.  I imagine all that would be needed is a Mac/Windows application running on each computer, and an updated mobile app to support viewing the webcams?

Does anybody else think this is a great idea?  


I second this. I would love to be able to use this as my web cam for Skype. 

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I think this is a must "think of" feature

The minute some other vendor will allow it the other will follow.

Having this quality as the Arlo 4K in my conference room without the need for more cameras ...

and the ability to have it placed - no questions asked