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Live view is not fast enough

When someone walks in the frame of the camera, it takes way too long to view the image. Open the app, then wait for "getting status" which sometimes takes a minute, then press the play button on the screen, then wait for the camera to connect, then see the image. Pretty much useless for seeing whats going on at the very moment its happening.

  1. Need to have live streaming actually live streaming. It does no good to have a camera system to monitor a door and have someone surprisingly walk up to you, because you don't see them come through the door on the Arlo system until  30 seconds after they went through it.
  2. The system should not time out when you are live viewing a camera.

ARLO, are you hearing these concerns? Of course not, or you would be doing something about them.
That's OK if you don't because soon the name ARLO will be called - ARLO WHO?


I think most of us have realized the Arlo products are more toys than security products.   


I wouldn’t go that far as I have many toys that are more fun and work better than these jokes of a camera system.




After so many criticisms, it would at least be appropriate for an Arlo employee to comment on these points here. A lot of money is invested in marketing, but the most important source - customer satisfaction - is apparently being overlooked. This would be the most profitable method to sell the product even better in the future. A pity 😞


Length of time to connect to cameras is sometimes a problem.  I realize it's a complex issue that relies on a chain of many links and most of the links are not Arlo's (the Internet).


I'm noticing that there is a timeout if the cam doesn't connect.  For a purpose such as security cameras, it seems to me the timeout should be shorter than for many other applications.


Perhaps Arlo could develop a shorter interval before timeout and include additional automated attempts to connect that show on the screen so the user is aware.


I suggest this because it seems that often when I stop my request (hit the Stop icon) and restart (hit the Start arrow) it will connect quickly.  If that is often the case, why stop the request and start it again automatically, at least a few times before timing out?


Agreed! Painfully slow. Starting to look into other solutions because of this and the lack of the security system that was supposed to be released last year.


The purchase of this system was a HUGE mistake. I'm using this to monitor blind spots in my retail store. Cameras time out too quickly, you need to log in with horrible delays. Worthless. Which is too bad, because the camera design is great, and when you can actually use the video, which you effectively can't due to the horrifically bad software, it's good.


I should be able to:


1) keep a tab open all the time to monitor each camera  IN REAL TIME - you know, like Nest does.

2) be able to click on a camera and see it full screen - you know, like NEST does

3) Return this POS to Arlo for a full refund if it can't do this. 


Exactly, and ARLO appears uninterested in fixing any of these things, or effectively addressing these concerns.