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Live view is not fast enough

When someone walks in the frame of the camera, it takes way too long to view the image. Open the app, then wait for "getting status" which sometimes takes a minute, then press the play button on the screen, then wait for the camera to connect, then see the image. Pretty much useless for seeing whats going on at the very moment its happening.


Can you please provide a local RTSP stream for us who needs a more low-latency stream?


Yes this is a great idea. Please provide a local RTSP stream.


Agreed.   I have someone come by each day and take care of my dogs.   What i get is the top of her head and the door closing as she comes in.   I don't see her walking up the sidewalk.   If this was a burgler, all i'd see is this person entering my house and the top of their head.  

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Hi @Jmsanders


Can you provide a screenshot of your camera angle. a simple position adjustment may remedy the issue.


Having the arlo system for not even 8 months, I have had to contact the customer support about 25 to 30 times due to the same issues and flaws with this system.  Swapping out all cameras in a 5 camera system, each camera has been replaced at least once and the base station has been replaced 5 times. The siren say activated, but it's not heard, alert on camera detected but doesn't record, false motions detected (even while watching live and nothing moves in the cameras view), can not control camera zone settings even though you set them, they still detect motion outside the range and all 5 camera wont record


Whenever someone asked me how I like my Arlo cameras I send them here.


What's the point of motion detection if it takes sometimes a minute to connect and see what is going on?  Or someone rings the doorbell and I want to fire up the camera that's synched up with the Arlo Doorbell and again, wait sometimes as long as a minute to see the image (if I see it at all as many times it times out or gives error can't connect).  HORRENDOUS, is all I can say.  I have lighting fast internet (gigablast connection and fast upload speed as well (50mb/s), both ends of the connection are very fast with lots of bandwidth so the blame does not lie with the user.  I have other devices I access remotely and I'm connected to them in under 5 seconds, sometimes as fast as 3 seconds.  This shows that other companies have very fast servers and invest in their infrastructure to handle the traffic.  Not sure what Arlo has, but it is too slow and getting slower.  Will this ever be addressed or are we just kidding ourselves.  The year is 2019, we're not doing dialup anymore, get with it and be a leader.  I think marketing is getting ahead of operations and this will bite you in the rear soon.

Live view is not fast enough to start. Upon receiving a notification and clicking it there is a 5-20 second delay before video is shown


In most cases (thief, break in, etc) where you would want to trigger an alarm enough time has gone by that it would no longer be useful. Other cameras such as nest start their live view in 500ms to 2s, Arlo needs to do it as well



While I 100% agree with you, I don't think this company is capable of fixing this.  Just look at the hundreds if not thousands of dissatisfied users reporting on problems.  I think the software is getting worse not better and some have bailed already.  I've been a 4 year user and the connection speed has not improved it's actually gotten worse and I have gigabit internet speed.  Another user said it best this company is overwhelmed with technical problems.  


their stock is sinking fast and they are treading water. 


Argh! I bought this system to help me monitor parts of my store when I'm stuck at the cash register. However, the system keeps logging me out (time out), so it's virtually useless to me. I need to be able to continuously monitor the cameras without having to manually refresh each time. I don't understand why I cannot set the time out period. If anyone has a work around, please respond. 


The workaround is to get a different system.  The software and reliability of the arlo products is going backwards.  I’m as frustrated as you.