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Large "ON" button on the main page of Arlo app to turn system on when leaving home

A Simply large "ON" button on the main page of the App so you can quickly turn the system on when leaving home.


I have two Arlo Q cameras and three Arlos connected to one Base Station.  Every time I head out or come home, I had to go to the Mode fuction and tab each of the two Arlo Q cameras and the Base Station ON or OFF.  this is time-consuming.  Is there a way to turn all of them on and off at once?  Since they all belong to the same router!




I am hoping that someone from ARLO reads this and takes it to the software team to improve the software.


1. in the "mode" screen - put all the modes (armed,disarmed, schedule, etc) on the one screen (with icons to select) so users do not have to open , save & close screens just to change modes.


2. when selecting/changing the "armed" rules it takes 5 clicks to view/change/ many........all info can be shown on the one "device armed ruless" screen.


3.  I don't like the way users have to "save changes" on every change made - I always click "back" with it NOT saving changes .......maybe have a "do you want to save changes" pop up when backing out/exiting???


4. The biggest problem is that there isn't a "Mode" option where you can add MULTIPLE devices to a "rule" that can be turned ON & OFF with one click.


For example - I have 5 camears in my house.

I want to create a mode called "All ON, push" where all cameras are on 24hrs a day, set to motion detection and send me a push notification.

So ideally, when I want to activate it I go to "modes" and hit one icon...........simple.



The current software doesn't allow me to do this. currently I have to create  the rule for each device and then induvidually "activate and deactivate" each time I leave the house.......painfull


The modes I would have (that trigger multiple devices) and can be turned on/off with one click would be:


1. ALL ON - All devices, All on 247, motion detection only, sencitivity level 3 , push notification.


2, ALL OFF - All devices disarmed.

3, NIGHT HOME & SHED - upstairs device on (no push), downstairs devices on (push) , shed devices on (push). armed between 10PM & 6AM, motion detection only.

4, NIGHT SHED - shed devices only, armed between 10PM & 6AM, motion detection only (3), push notification.


As you can see, to do the above mode changes every time I go out and come home is pretty time consuming (and complicated) .....I can't be bothered to do it...


As the systems is at the moment it takes me 16 or 17 clicks to simply arm or disarm all five cameras.....(without doing any rule changes!) and because there is a time delay to accept the changes it takes way too long.


hope you guys can address this.


as far as the hardware, video quality, audio, EXCELLENT product.









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I will relocate this post to the Arlo Idea Exchange so that it receives proper exposure from the development team.


Thank you for your contribution!



I couldn't agree more.  I'm a new user (as of yesterday-new), so I may be missing something here, but...


Logan_Akers' suggested change would make the product far more convenient.  


An easy ON/OFF button on web page would certainly help, but this really needs to go a step further.  My spouse and I rely much more on our laptops (hey, we're old, ok?), and booting a laptop to login EVERY time we want to arm the system is painfully slow!  Every time? Then reverse process when I get back?  Even through the cell seems slow and cumbersome to me.


A single hardware ON/OFF button (with time-delay so that unnecessary emails/notifictions don't go out) on netgear base box would seem ideal.  The OFF button would not shut the box down entirely, but would just inhibit transmissions till cancelled with an ON.


Those who want to use their cell for control can leave the box ON at all times if they want; those who prefer to not use cell phone can manually hit the button on the way out and in. 


I have the same question. Is there a way to turn all cameras on/off at the same time? It's a real pain to have to do them one by one.
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Currently, Arlo Q/Q Plus and Wire-free cameras operate independently. Changing modes applies to all cameras (or all cameras that have rules within that mode) on a particular base station. Arlo Q/Q Plus do not sync to a base station (they sync to your home router) so they need to be controlled separately.


That being said, being able to control all cameras with one click is a great idea. Thank you for posting!



My wife is in and out all the time and a wireless button to activate and deactivate your last mode used would be great!
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I have a need to arm and disarm the alarm succesfully when my wife,kids or myself get in and/or get out of my home. 

The GPS option is not working as it seems only works for one. So if I leave the house and my wife is in, it will be armed while she is in. 


Because of this, I created a solution which is working quite good but not perfect. 


I bought the Amazon AWS Iot Button, and linked to IFTTT. 

Now I can arm with just a click and disarm with double click in the amazon dash button. If anyone is interested I can post more details how I did it. 


This is great but not perfect, as IFTTT does not allow for custom modes. (Please add). 


I was looking for some JSON API to allow call my custom modes, but I could not find anything. If there is I would like to work on a possible connection to connect AWS via JSON.



Ifttt has a webhooks feature and a maker channel, ou can use them to complete your project