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Improved Sensor Notification - Auto-on screen

I don't find the current push or email notifications particularly helpful for the sound or motion sensors for the Arlo baby monitor. Appreciate this might be usefull for the other range of home/security camera's but having the option/preference to turn the screen on automatically would be much better as an option.


My previous baby monitor (non wi-fi paired camera/monitor combo) had this feature so that when sound or motion was detected, and the screen was off, it would automatically turn the screen on so you could see what was happening. Recieving a push notification to say something has been detected, and then having to unlock the phone, open the app, account for any delay is pointless as by that time I'm most likely to have gotten up to attend to our baby. The email notifications are even more pointless. 


At the moment, we have turned these push and email notifications off as they don't add anything and rather have the only option of leaving our screen on/app open all night. 


Please consider adding this as an option.