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IFTTT support

A lot of new "smart" products have IFTTT support, it makes them smarter. The Homeboy (where I assume Netgear ripped the idea for this product) has solid IFTTT support, so you guys should add it to beat them. Thanks.


Folks, please, include IFTTT integration ASAP...


Must have IFTTT integration and open API


These have to be the big ones......  VERY BASIC.






Change Audio Alert on Iphone so I know its My Camera, and can choose a custom tone to wake me up!!



Come on....THis is basic



+1 for IFTTT support on motion detection. i.e. IFTTT is another notification option apart from email, which then allows me to take custom actions. Ideally the link to the video is included too. 


That would be very useful and allow me to do some custom actions when motion is detected. 





IFTTT and Geo Fencing for sure!


Arlo Devs,


Any word on when/if this will be a feature?


I've been wanting to add cameras, but can't bring myself to spend more money on this system soley because no IFTTT.   Just had to set a friend up with another brand due to the lack of Alro + IFTTT.  Please add!!




Six months on and...


I can't believe that a company that's been around as long as Netgear has wouldn't have integrated IFTTT & Geo Fencing from the very begining, seems like a pretty big oversight on their part! I like the Arlo but if I'd known about the Homeboy & that the Arlo doesn't support these things before I made my purchased I would gone with the Homeboy, & I'll DEFINITELY be purchasing a Homeboy before I decide to add any more cameras to my Arlo system until these features are added!


Semper Fi,

Nate Miller (Sgt, USMC)


Any updates on this?

with IFTTT support the capabilities of Arlo will greatly expand without Netgear having to very much. B