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I have 80+ Arlo Pro cameras and the only thing I want is better PC file names!!!

I have two business accounts that each contain 40 camera + base station pairs. Each of these cameras sit in someone's house somewhere in the country. Each block of 40 cameras is shared with a third account that I use for monitoring and downloading everything at once.


I don't understand how such a user friendly security camera system can spit out such an unfriendly file when downloaded via a computer. Shouldn't a downloaded clip show the camera name, date, and time? Why do the users need to run the file names through a converting process? Why do I have to use a mobile device or tablet just to keep the file names meaningful? 


I know most people aren't trying to download 5,000 files a day from 80 different cameras but I feel like it shouldn't matter. would also be nice to have the option to add a timestamp to the clip prior to it is more of a "rechargeable wireless security camera".


Meant to say, "Each block of 40 cameras is shared with a 3rd account that I use to monitor and batch download".


Yes, this lack of local time filenaming is worryingly retarded, for a company making networking and IoT equipment.

My own other brand cameras are named like, for example


but it would be just as easy to have it name the filename ending part with the cameraname of choice, like so:



Pathetic, that they could not even offer that into their 'highly sophisticated' cloud storage solution.