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Higher quality Video adjustment for Arlo Pro 2

Please allow for higher quality video settings on the Arlo Pro 2 1080P wireless system.  I understand it would drain more battery, but at least give the option.  A compromise would be to allow the higher quality video option on solar connected or hard connected to power setups.  


Thank you,


R. Sanford

Love my new Arlo Pro 2!  

P.S. can't wait for the LED motion flood lights to come out!

Community Manager



You can already adjust the quality settings on your Arlo Pro 2 camera. Log in to your account and navigate to Settings > My Devices > select the Arlo Pro 2 > Video Settings. From there, you can adjust the slider for "Best Video", "Optimized", or "Best Battery Life". Take a look here for more information: How do I get better picture quality from my Arlo camera?




Yes sir, I know about these video options. I was hoping for some even higher quality video options, like maybe a lower video compression option that uses larger data files for people with faster internet connections and might use a constant power connection.


Community Manager



Understood. Thank you for the clarification and idea post!




I second this. The video compression is so lossy that the image may as well be 480i.


So far, I'm not impressed by the image quality on the Pro 2 model.

I’ve actually gotten very good quality 1080p video as long as you have good lighting in the room of your Arlo Pro 2 camera. I went and bought a bunch of LED bulbs and replaced all my lights in the house. The video quality is much much better now. You just have to get enough light to the cameras digital sensor. 


However, I still would like a lower compression quality option for higher speed internet connections and data subscriptions. 


It would be great to have this option! Currently there is NO difference between my Arlo and Arlo pro 2 cameras video quality at best settings! I am a paid subsriber as well.


Yes, the compression is so high that the quality is so bad… in some case I will like to have the option for more compression adjustments/settings.

I understand that you do that to have a fast internet upload / save space, etc – or on the hardware to save battery, transmit less data…

Maybe if you have two options, one for save in high quality on local driver (usb) and one for upload on the cloud – this can save you from upload and space, but not from battery on cameras… however

if you give us the option we can try our self what is best for our needs.