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Grant Access to Arlo but Restrict by Time

Example Use Case:

Nanny/sitter is watching kids/pets/home/etc and you need to grant access to another individual during a restricted time frame.  In our case, I need to grant access to 2 of 2 cameras M-F from 9am-5pm.  



In Arlo Admin Dashboard (desktop)> Grant Access> Add User

- I would like to be able to select cameras & Allow Access based on time-of-day and day-of-week


Why isn't this already an option? It seems like it should be a default option for a security system.


Yes, need this exact same capability.  Of course, we don't want all of our friends and family seeing EVERYTHING at all times.  Hubby now "thinks" about letting the dog out at night in his underwear because the mother in law could be watching!   You have a nanny situation, he has a nosey MIL.  Please Netgear, get on this! For now, she's banned from all indoor cams.  : )  


I definitely need this feature and possibly a shortcut to easily override the setting.


Actually I have an additional use case for my Arlo Baby, which is sharing the video of the baby with remote parents/relatives, but not all the time and possibly without sharing audio if I prefer not to do so in that moment.


To sum up:

  • Granted controls should be a selectable subset that are suited for the specific "Friend" (that is, when creating a friend each entry in this list should be tickable). Not every "Friend" should be allowed the same things, depending on the use case.
  • Sharing should be schedulable (as mentioned in the initial post) and be "suspendable" if necessary (e.g. temporarily prevent access for a week)
  • It would be desirable to avoid sharing audio in certain cases

I understand these are not useful requirements for the entire Arlo product line but are a must have for a baby monitor like Arlo Baby. Many people already tried to bring this up:


Please take the time to review these messages. Thank you!


Please prioritize this, being an IP camera Arlo Baby needs a fine grain access control, otherwise there is no point in having an IP camera at all if it can't be shared wisely. There is plenty of other cheaper products otherwise. Thanks.


I already the Arlo pro cameras, but wouldn't consider the Arlo Baby without this feature. The main comment addresses this perfectly. We have a nanny share and not being able to grant the other family access to the camera limited by time doesn't make any sense. I can grant someone time based access to my garage opener, why not my nanny cam?


I too would like this for the purpose of sharing with a nanny, while she's in the home. However, I use Arlo Pro 2 in my bigger kid's room, and the Arlo Baby in my infant’s room, therefore, I would like this feature across the board.


Like others have mentioned, each "Friend" added should be able to get any or all features individually, and should also be able to manually turned off or on at moments notice (ie. nanny/sitter stays longer or comes back after hours to watch the kids)


It would also be nice to be able to interface with these setting vie Smartthings, so that if the Nanny is present, then their access is granted.


It would be nice to be able to view who/devices connected to our baby arlo and remove that devices access. I don't want to remove granted access but think that someone we previously let log on to our arlo still views it occasionally that I would like to be able to remove that devices access. 

Is there a way to give time limited access or hourly access based on the schedule? Looking to give access to my parents during the day when I'm away... I see people have asked this in the past but there hasn't been a solution.

Not really... you can limit the cams they see but not the times..

Thanks. That's disappointing and I really think should be an option (and so do others).