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Arlo base network proposal

I've used the regular Arlo cams now for about a year.  Last week the bad guys decided they liked by cams more than I do and stole them.  Also they stole my neighbors cam off his front door, check it out here:

So to beef up the system I ordered a couple of Arlo Pros and needed to extend the range of the system.  I purchased the EX7500 range extender, but at the time I didn't check to see if it had an ethernet port (which it doesn't).  So even though it did a great job of extending the network and providing much higher overall bandwidth it did nothing for the Arlo Cam range issue off my AC1750 dual band router.

So going back to the drawing board, I didn't need the EX8000 so I ordered the EX7300 which does have an ethernet port. This isn't listed as a true mesh extender, but will provide two bonded channels (instead of the Nighthawk three) and will extend the range of the base station up to and maybe beyond 300 ft.

So what is it I'm asking for:
1.  Design the Arlo Base to become a member of your mesh network and not require an ethernet port.
2.  or Design the Arlo Base to have it's router or add a routing function separate from the Base Cam routing functions.
3.  Explain to users that you don't need to add the _ext extension on an added range extender and name your range the same as the main SSID.

4.  Add an ethernet port to the EX7500 so you can have a true mesh network with the Arlo Base

5.  Add language in your instructions to configure and add multiple extenders because the URL conflics with multiple devices.  The only way you can connect them is to query the attached devices on the main router to see what ip address it's using.
6.  Design the Orbi system to do the same thing, moving or changing your base to stay within the mesh and provide extended range for the system based upon the mesh itself, not the base location.