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Geolocation / IFTTT custom modes / improvements



I am genuinely excited to see geolocation and IFTTT has been implemented, and yes I know its still 'Beta' but while it is still work in progress i would like to suggest a couple of improvements....


1) You need to support multiple devices. it makes no sense to have the cameras arm as I leave for work, only to get tons of videos of my wife leaving 10 minutes later.

You need to check for all devices to be out of the area before arming the cameras.


2) It should be possible to schedule 'geolocation' control.


Currently geolocation cannot be included in the schedule, which means i need to change the mode manually if like me you set them on during the night when you go to bed.



3) IFTTT - support 'custom' modes.

Currently you can only choose the standard armed or disarmed modes, you need to include for custom modes as well as being able to select gelolocation mode..


This would mean you could use the 'do' trigger to change mode quickly, helping to ease the pain of issue 2.



Overall though i have to say i am impressed with the additional functionality, but please Netgear, keep us informed of what you are working on!!!!


Kind Regards






It'd be a really useful feature, but after 8 months without any official netgear answer, I guess we'll have to do without it... 


Geofencing does not work as a turnaround if multiple family members. I use Life360 with IFTTT to trigger Arlo to Arm/Disarm but Disarm does not have an option to keep the "driveway" camera on while indoors is disarmed if any member of the family is at home. OR, let us customize "Disarm" ! Smiley Happy

I would like to see custom modes available in both IFTTT and Stringify. Like others have mentioned, when I am home I want the outside cameras to notify and when away I want all cameras to notify. I want to switch between the two modes using my Alexa/Stringify routines which control most of my other home automation items. I hope this is on the roadmap!
XJW Apprentice

Come on Netgear.  Listen.  Give each mode an index and expose to IFTTT.  It's not that hard. 


The Disarm mode is useless for many of us that want to leave the Outside cameras on while we are indoors.  


Yes, I agree. Give us custom modes!


its been more long time .. but stil not done.. just reapeting need custom mode in ifttt

XJW Apprentice

Netgear, At least have the courtesy to respond.


Totally agree with XJW, this is Netgear taking  the piss on its customers..

They can't even be civil enough to reply, doing something is probably never going to happen.. 

XJW Apprentice

Arm and Disarm are near useless.  Fix this.

XJW Apprentice

Netgear ?