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Geolocation / IFTTT custom modes / improvements



I am genuinely excited to see geolocation and IFTTT has been implemented, and yes I know its still 'Beta' but while it is still work in progress i would like to suggest a couple of improvements....


1) You need to support multiple devices. it makes no sense to have the cameras arm as I leave for work, only to get tons of videos of my wife leaving 10 minutes later.

You need to check for all devices to be out of the area before arming the cameras.


2) It should be possible to schedule 'geolocation' control.


Currently geolocation cannot be included in the schedule, which means i need to change the mode manually if like me you set them on during the night when you go to bed.



3) IFTTT - support 'custom' modes.

Currently you can only choose the standard armed or disarmed modes, you need to include for custom modes as well as being able to select gelolocation mode..


This would mean you could use the 'do' trigger to change mode quickly, helping to ease the pain of issue 2.



Overall though i have to say i am impressed with the additional functionality, but please Netgear, keep us informed of what you are working on!!!!


Kind Regards





@stickler i just switched from wink to ST. Mind sharing how you handled this in ST?


@scrampker - what is ST?


ST is SmartThings.


Agree - can't understand why custom modes haven't been implemented via IFTTT. It feels like it would be such a simple change and make Arlo much more useful. 


"Armed" and "Disarmed" are useless - I have internal and external cameras and want some armed all the time and others armed if I'm not home. I never want "disarmed"! Even control of "scheduled" mode via IFTTT would be an improvement.


I was hoping I could integrate Arlo with SmartThings but the delay between motion detection and recording starting  when under SmartThings control is so long it's pointless. The integration is also very flaky, and Arlo keeps dropping into "disarmed" mode when connected to SmartThings, making it unusable.


Come on Arlo, sort it out - this has to be a few hours work to make a lot of customers very happy. I bought Arlo partly on the strength of the integrations, but it turns out all the ones I want to use are deeply flawed! 


I purchased an Arlo Pro 2 recently and also don't understand why custom modes aren't yet supported with IFTTT. I tried Geofencing but that's killing my phone battery and would like to set it up on IFTTT instead so I could have certain cameras on if I'm home. Debating returning because of this but not sure yet. 

Well, you can see for yourself the level of service here. I am switching to Nest.

You should obviously return your kit if you want smart home integration. The only thing I can do with mine is connect to Google Home to ask to throw it on my TV. It's slow as hell, but technically works, sometimes.