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Geolocation / IFTTT custom modes / improvements



I am genuinely excited to see geolocation and IFTTT has been implemented, and yes I know its still 'Beta' but while it is still work in progress i would like to suggest a couple of improvements....


1) You need to support multiple devices. it makes no sense to have the cameras arm as I leave for work, only to get tons of videos of my wife leaving 10 minutes later.

You need to check for all devices to be out of the area before arming the cameras.


2) It should be possible to schedule 'geolocation' control.


Currently geolocation cannot be included in the schedule, which means i need to change the mode manually if like me you set them on during the night when you go to bed.



3) IFTTT - support 'custom' modes.

Currently you can only choose the standard armed or disarmed modes, you need to include for custom modes as well as being able to select gelolocation mode..


This would mean you could use the 'do' trigger to change mode quickly, helping to ease the pain of issue 2.



Overall though i have to say i am impressed with the additional functionality, but please Netgear, keep us informed of what you are working on!!!!


Kind Regards





This has been going on for many years now.

Arlo has the best hardware, but have never been interested in fixing their software.



I agree.  The hardware is good.   It is the Support Team and the leaders that give low priority to support that are damaging the Arlo brand.


When I provide feedback on tech and review sites I say that it is poor Support that is the problem.

I know there are already other threads on this matter, but despite an initial response from Arlo, they seem to have ignored the feedback since then.
Could you please provide the customers that have spent hard earned money and put their faith in your product if and when you will plan to support custom arming modes in IFTT? I had a potential break in last week and couldn’t arm my cameras through IFTT because it would’ve triggered on outdoor cameras and drained the batteries.

Just please be transparent and let us know if and when you’ll support this so that we can decide whether to stick with Arlo or go with another product. Not asking a lot from someone who bought your first product ever!

The IFTTT integration is useless without being allowed to activate custom modes... 😞


Why is this not being implemented, surely it is simple to enable??


Unfortunately it seems as though Arlo has jumped the shark. Reading reviews of the new camera sound terrible and they are pushing everybody towards a subscription. This seems like an easy win for them to pretend that they are still interested in customer feedback but still no luck. I raised this question a long time ago and when I did similar tickets had already been open for months on end. Looks like they got big enough to no longer care about customer feedback. Good for investors. Bad for customers.


I really liked Arlo and was really pleased with the hardware but a simple thing like this destroys the whole experience. Time to switch product? Any suggestions of a similar product who cares to develop thesoftware for their existing customers?


I wonder how difficult it would be to move the Arlo cameras into some sort of open source solution that doesn't require the cloud? Would be wonderful if companies didn't lock us into an inevitable death of their ecosystems.


While not as refined, I have 3 Amaryllo robotic cameras that work fine without any internet whatsoever. Unfortunately no IFTTT on those either. If so, I would have never touched Arlo. I picked up this new, very very expensive platform of cameras and security lights because they worked well with SmartThings. I had no idea that all other smart home systems were totally neglected. 😞


If they implemented custom modes in IFTTT I would setup a good Geofencing solution that (i) was reliable and (ii) did not burn my battery.......

More IFTTT trigger options! Or maybe alow me to modify the “disarmed” mode to at least get a second customizable option

Disarmed is still necessary as an option.


For example I have 3  scenarios.


1. Away from home > All Cameras on.


2. At Home > Outside cameras on, inside cameras off.


3. Working outside in the garden > All Cameras disarmed to avoid running the batteries flat.