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Geolocation / IFTTT custom modes / improvements



I am genuinely excited to see geolocation and IFTTT has been implemented, and yes I know its still 'Beta' but while it is still work in progress i would like to suggest a couple of improvements....


1) You need to support multiple devices. it makes no sense to have the cameras arm as I leave for work, only to get tons of videos of my wife leaving 10 minutes later.

You need to check for all devices to be out of the area before arming the cameras.


2) It should be possible to schedule 'geolocation' control.


Currently geolocation cannot be included in the schedule, which means i need to change the mode manually if like me you set them on during the night when you go to bed.



3) IFTTT - support 'custom' modes.

Currently you can only choose the standard armed or disarmed modes, you need to include for custom modes as well as being able to select gelolocation mode..


This would mean you could use the 'do' trigger to change mode quickly, helping to ease the pain of issue 2.



Overall though i have to say i am impressed with the additional functionality, but please Netgear, keep us informed of what you are working on!!!!


Kind Regards





Any news on this?


+1 for this idea.


I use the Scheduled mode which works well for me, but when I am sick or work from home, I manually pick the Disarm mode. However, if I forget to manually switch back to Scheduled mode, my Arlo is useless (not recording or alarming me at night). Being able to use IFTTT to set the mode back to Scheduled every night would solve this problem for me.


It seems like this should be easy to implement, and has been asked for by many users, over a long time. 

Arlo Moderator

The Arlo development team routinely reviews posts in the Arlo Idea Exchange to assess which features the community would like to see implemented. We greatly appreciate the community’s contribution and will keep the status of this idea updated as we get new information on its potential implementation. Thank you for posting your idea!



Someone at Netgear/Arlo actually reads this stuff. 

Now, if only they would listen, care and possibly do something.


Look Arlo folks, if you want the great hardware that you created to be part of a true home automation solution, then you need engineer your software to have the appropriate hooks or API so that multiple custom modes can be set by IFTTT, Stringify, or whatever.

Come on, get on it.



Amen to that. Absolutely agree.


Yes @ShayneS great news!!!

Please push this forward and don't leave it in dev for ages. It's really irritating not being able to set custom modes via IFTTT or Stringify. I have loads of plans to customise my devices but need that enabled. Arm and Disarm alone are not appropriate triggers. I can't remember when I last mentioned this. Feels like I have been waiting forever.


@Brutus5485 I think you mean "do push it forward" Man Happy

I have 3 Arlo cameras. 2 inside and one outside. I use IFTTT with life 360 to say when last person leaves arm all cameras. When first person arrives home turn off all cameras. Ideally I always want the outside camera to stay on but through IFTTT it only allows you to disarm. Not select a custom setup (for me its turn the inside cameras off and keep outside camera on) anybody have similar problem or an idea for solution? Ideally Arlo opens up custom settings to IFTTT but they don't seem to care about what we want since I've seen that request multiple times in the community.

This is extremely frustrating.  I bought this product and was blindsided by the fact that it is in the stone age in terms of automation.  Absolutely baffling that a system like this lacks such a basic automation integration as turning on different modes.  


+1 from my side as well.


I really need to have IFTTT triggers for custom modes - the built in ones, especially the Disarm one are useless to trigger for me, because my Arlo is never really disarmed (it's just set to a less attentive custom mode).