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Friend restrictions and monitoring



I run a small home daycare and this is what I use my system (mostly) for. I also have pets, so if I go away, I will be using it for a pet cam. So far I am impressed with the quality and simple interface of this system. For the most part it has all the features that I need. I'm use to an interface that is highly customizable which made the owner/admin responsible for every little setting, creating and maintaining logins, etc. So, there's something to be said for simplicity. What I would LOVE to see is: 1) The ability to make a "friend's schedule". I feel like, as the administrator and owner of the system I should be able to login at any time and stream video. However, I would like to limit when my friends are allowed to access the camera, kind of like the motion detection schedule where, during certain times of the day, you can program it to detect motion and other times it's off. Except it would be for viewing. It shouldn't be an all or nothing access. For example, if I have daycare children in my house between the hours of 7am and 6pm I should be able to set it so that friends can only view between those hours. What would be even more useful is the ability to assign groups with different friend schedules, but that could come later. 2) The ability for the administrator to see who's logged onto the system to monitor use by friends/clients. I feel like this is especially important when using this system as a baby cam, nanny cam, or daycare cam. The camera I had before had both of these features but the sytem and configuration, for the admin, was complicated and cumbersome. I hope you see the value in what I've described here and offer these features soon. I believe adding these extra features would make this system almost PERFECT!



Roxanne R 


Does anyone know what happens if I disable guest access on Arlo Baby? I don't want them to be able to see anything recorded during that disabled time, i.e. live or any recordings made during that time stored in the library. Is that possible or would they still see what's stored in the library? when caregivers leave my home, I want to turn off their access (but leave mine on) and make it so they can't see or hear any recordings made while I still have it on for myself...i.e. conversations between myself and husband, me singing to the baby etc...

Community Manager



Take a look here for a list of what users have access to based on access rights: What privileges do my friends have when I grant them access rights in my Arlo account?




Do we have any word on when there will be expanded options for the friends access? I would love to be able to temporarily disable our nanny's access. Thanks


Bring this back up again, these advanced guest access options would be a massive boon. The coarse options right now make it much more difficult to manage guest access.

I would love to see individual access options to the various features—access to live feed, video library—and scheduling/geofencing for live feed access—only allow live feed access at certain times, or while at the residence/on the same wifi. This would be HUGE for the baby cam, letting caretakers use it while at home, but not having to revoke access every evening when they leave.


Ok, it is now January 2020... Four years since original request. We still need a way to limit friend access during times that we don't want them to have it, while admin/owner retains full access, without having to delete them or switch out cameras. We keep getting all these redundant features for scheduling and other features that make no differences in daily operation. There's lots of hardware options but essentially they all work doooo the same thing. I have the original arlos and a Pro. I refuse to buy anything else until we are able to have more control over who views content and when.