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Friend restrictions and monitoring



I run a small home daycare and this is what I use my system (mostly) for. I also have pets, so if I go away, I will be using it for a pet cam. So far I am impressed with the quality and simple interface of this system. For the most part it has all the features that I need. I'm use to an interface that is highly customizable which made the owner/admin responsible for every little setting, creating and maintaining logins, etc. So, there's something to be said for simplicity. What I would LOVE to see is: 1) The ability to make a "friend's schedule". I feel like, as the administrator and owner of the system I should be able to login at any time and stream video. However, I would like to limit when my friends are allowed to access the camera, kind of like the motion detection schedule where, during certain times of the day, you can program it to detect motion and other times it's off. Except it would be for viewing. It shouldn't be an all or nothing access. For example, if I have daycare children in my house between the hours of 7am and 6pm I should be able to set it so that friends can only view between those hours. What would be even more useful is the ability to assign groups with different friend schedules, but that could come later. 2) The ability for the administrator to see who's logged onto the system to monitor use by friends/clients. I feel like this is especially important when using this system as a baby cam, nanny cam, or daycare cam. The camera I had before had both of these features but the sytem and configuration, for the admin, was complicated and cumbersome. I hope you see the value in what I've described here and offer these features soon. I believe adding these extra features would make this system almost PERFECT!



Roxanne R 

At this point I would settle for an option to temporarily deactivate guest users either as a group or individually so that I can still use it without anyone else having access. It's been over a year. I'm not sure why something like this hasn't already been implemented. I have to switch out cameras if I want privacy...makes no sense..

When granting access to cameras, I would like to be able to block library access so that some users can only see the live view. This would be a per-user, per-camera setting, so that some users could have full access and others restricted access.




Community Manager



Shared devices can be managed on a per camera basis within Grant Access settings. What the shared user has access to can be managed by toggling Access Rights on or off. Currently, library access is a base privilege (does not require Access Rights) for the shared user. You can see a full list of privileges here: What privileges do my friends have when I grant them access rights in my Arlo account?


More customization with shared user privileges is however a great idea. Thank you for posting!




How about a way to add a user to the service, but not give them access to the cameras, settings, etc.  


For example, currently my mother-in-law is staying with us for a bit. In this situation, I cannot use geofencing (assuming it works) because she is in the house while my wife and I are each at work.  It will arm and keep triggering because she is moving in the house.




So what if we were able to allow her access, meaning it would be on her phone for geofencing purposes, but NOT have access to anything i.e. camera views, settings, etc.  This could be used for family, employees, etc. 


Gives the system some flexibility while maintaining functionality.



Hear, hear! Very surprised this is not an existing feature. Adding to the new ideas file now.


This needs to be option. We give rights to our nanny, but she doesn't need to have access to the vid library


I had to delete a guest user after a week of permission granted. (Went on a cruise and allowed someone to receive any possible alerts...she received none...yeah no breakin) However, I need to now, RESET her up. It would be nice to have the option to TEMPORARY DISABLE instead of delete permanent. That way, I know which cameras she was assigned to receive alerts. I do know, I would have to manually delete her mobile text message alerts I had created...but at least I wouldn't have to reset up everything. It would also be a fancy feature, to have a guest users separate alert I wouldn't have to delete the it push, email or text. These could be easily created...then disabled, not deleted...for future reuse.

This request is for all models. I've been begging for a way to better control guest/friend access for about 2 years. It should not be an all or nothing access. There should be a way to limit access without deleting or having to switch cameras. The owner/admin should have complete access at all times while temporarily disabling or having a schedule mode feature for guest viewing. Not to mention a log so that guest access can be monitored. This is critical if being used as a Nanny or pet cam. I personally use mine in my Daycare for parents to peek in on their children. I also use it to monitor my pets when gone with my dog walkers as guests. This seems like something that should be standard. I'm sure I can't be the only one who wants this!

This should definitely be included in the Arlo application.  We use our cameras to view our nanny/babysitter/housesitter and need to grant access to others during business hours. 


Not sure if this has been suggested before, but I would welcome the ability to limit "Friends" that don't have admin rights to 5 second bursts of live streaming so they don't drain the battery. As it is right now, anybody with access to a battery-only camera could easily drain the battery in short order by leaving a live stream running on their browser all day. They could be allowed to re-initiate a live stream, but each live stream session would be limited to 5 seconds before they had to re-initiate it again. Really any limitation would be better than the current absence of any limitation. The 5 seconds timeframe is arbitrary and a better option would be to make it adjustable by the admin. This would also help those of us that might be operating under bandwidth caps.


Alternatively, "Friends" that don't have admin rights could be restricted from having the ability to use live streaming at all.