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Floodlight camera - Mask zone for motion detection

The camera is picking up shadows of trees and plants moving with the wind. This often makes the camera miss important events. A way to block out some areas from detecting motion would be extremely useful.

This would also be a good solution to the false positive alarms I get when small animals walk through the viewing area.  The smart notification does not work nor does setting up activity zones.  If I can block a section of the camera view, it could work the way that activity zones were supposed to work but in reverse - that is, only motion in the area of the view that is not masked would trigger an alert.


Go to device settings > Activity zones.  You can create up to 3 areas where you want it to look for motion.  Most Arlo cameras only have 4 points to create the zone, but the Ultra 4k and floodlight have 8 so you can get creative with creating a zone you want motion detected.


I also use the smart notifications to avoid animals from triggering the camera, but at the moment the floodlight doesn't seem to accept these settings, (probably just a bug that needs fixed).


The smart notifications worked great on my Pro 2 cameras as well as on my current Ultra 4k cameras.


Hey A-A-Ron! Thanks for the comment. It seems that I still get motion alerts from all areas even though I have created zones for only a portion of the camera coverage.