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Feature request : Push notifications as part of a rule

Would it be possible to have push notifications as part of a rule? I only want ro receive push notifications if a rule is triggered.


So the functionality I want is this:


From 0:00 to 07:20 - Record video and push notification (No one should be in my office)

From 07:20 to 08:00 - Record video - but no push notifications (Staff start to enter the office)

From 08:00 to 17:00 - No action

From 17:00  to 17:20 - Record video - but no push notifications (Staff start to leave office)

From 17:20 to 23:59 - Record video and push notifications (No one should be in my office)


Without this the push notifications just become spammy and annoying.

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Good morning jameswright,


I am glad you brought this up! Our Product Development team reviews the idea exchange board for desired enhancements for future releases. I will move this post to our Idea Exchange board for consideration! Also be sure to Kudo the idea to give it more weight! Keep the ideas coming! Thanks.


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Where is the idea exchange board? Is that something we can see?

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@jameswright Happy you found it! Any time you have any other great ideas, please do not hesitate to post them here.


Deann S

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Yes please. About to disable push notifications completely if this is not implemented. Driving me crazy.

Can we be notified if this idea is implemented?  

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Status changed to: Implemented

I use Flow like that:

Cam 1 trigger video 1+2 and do a push notification

Cam 2 trigger video 2+1 and do a push notification


Now I got 2 push notifications each time. Great would be an option

"Do Push only if Cam X not already rec." on the rule.


Advantage: you can come from Pos 1 and walk thru Cam 1 and seconds later in the vision of Cam 2 with only one push notification.

But you get a push later if someone starts from Pos 2 going thru Cam 2 and then a few seconds later into the trigger of Cam 1


Atm. this is not possible.

Agreed. When I'm home (geo-fence) I still want the camera to record video if motion is detected (i.e. armed), but I don't want a push notification. For example when I let the dog out or I'm asleep I don't want to be harassed with push notifications, but I would still want to capture video in case an intruder passed in front of the camera. On the other hand, if I am away from the house (ex. at work during the day) and the cam detects motion, I DO want the push notification.

Basically I always want the camera's motion detection armed, but I want to push notifications controlled by the geo-fence.

Unfortunately, right now push notifications are an all or nothing affair. I can either have the system armed and get push notifications always, I can have the system armed and never get push notifications, or I can have the system disarmed. I want to be option to be able to arm the system, and record video based on motion, but NOT get push notifications- based on the geo-fence.
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This can be done by creating a custom mode containing custom rules for motion detection (but no push notifications). Set the custom mode to your Geofencing "Home" mode and set the "Away" mode to "Armed".