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Feature Request: Doorbell automatically changes silent mode when arlo base mode changes

Confirmed this feature does not exist before I posted here.


Looking for Arlo team to implement ability to automatically change the silent mode setting for the audio doorbell when the arlo base station mode changes.  I'd like the ability to not call my phone when I am at home (arlo disarmed/home mode) and it to call my phone when I am away (arlo armed/away mode).


I can do this manually each time but going into the app everytime I leave the house and return is not ideal.  I am a pretty big smart home and automation user and would like to add this to my leave/return automated events.


Hopefully others would find this useful as well.  Thanks!

Yes! Please add this feature

I think Arlo desperately needs an Enterprise Architect to oversee the architecture and operational aspects of the entire line of products and software.  These should all operate the same way and in tight cooperation with each other.  It seem like each platform is an independent team with only loose coupling to the overall product line.