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Eliminate Purchase Additional Camera Screen

Please find a way that folks can get rid of the purchase additional camera Screen

For those of us that only want 4 cameras and not 5.


I would prefer to have the four cameras only appear on my computer monitor.

But now I have three smaller camera screens on top and one camera screen on the bottom with the annoying purchase camera screen next to it.


We all know we can buy additional cameras but if we dont need them we are left to view that screen forever. 


Has there been any discussion on making this change yet?  Something that wasn't mentioned is the amount of space that that advertisement takes up.  I have that big advertisement to try and sell me more cameras, and these two itty bitty pictures of my two active cameras.  I want to be able to view those pictures better, they should be big and "in your face" so we can see what is going on.


Agreed. I have four cameras and that "ad" for a fifth camera is annoying. I think we all know we can get more cameras.

Community Manager
Status changed to: Implemented

But now I have a big button say: Add new device. Not much better then Buy new device.

Are you kidding us?

I want my 2 or 4 camera pictures in the iPad, as big as possible. If I turn my device i want that Arlo automatically rearange my pictures.


Does all that implementations done by 1 semester students here?