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Earned user credits

It is great that we get badges, but if a user post quality data for the knowledgebase, suggest functional ideas that produce solid results shouldn't there be a level of compensation for the effort put forth from the community?

establish Netgear credits that would be applied for upgrades, discounts,subscriptions, even swag. 


Automated credits for number of Kudos recieved - audited by Netgear admins to ensure validity

Credits given by Netgear Admins as they monitor the site and come across outstanding user input.

Use part of your marketing budget to cover the cost. It would save funds in the long run, because the best marketing is from word of mouth. It would also increase user input, knowing that if time and energy is put forth there is the possibility of a return. 


If I knew that I had 6 Netgear bucks I would apply it to a monitoring subscription. I feel that after I spent almost a 1k on Netgear equipment and I had earned credits from Netgear I would be more inclined to invest in extended subscriptions. Remember gaining 1 dollar is more than no gain at all.