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Doorbell Calls should also ring on Apple Watch

Please add the ability that when a call is being recieved from the Arlo Doorbell it rings/notifies on Apple Watch as well, just like a regular phone call does. I keep my phone on silent most of the time and get calls/notifications on my watch, and when watch is on phone is silenced automatically.  The calls show up in the phone app so I'd expect them to ring on the watch just like any other call.


This is it.....


@JamesC  Will this be available soon? Its a must for Apple Watch users and a simple and standard feature i quess


Count me in as needing this feature desperately.  One of the main reasons I have an Apple Watch is so that I can keep my phone on vibrate and still get notified.  When my Arlo Audio Doorbell rings my phone I will miss it if I don't have my phone on me and it is on vibrate.


Any updates on a company decision to implement the ability of a smart watch to answer via voice response to rings from the Arlo doorbell or on the development phase to implement? It is almost two years since the first customer request was made for this feature back in January 2019.


I'm also interested in this feature; like others, I have my iPhone on silent and all calls and notifications (except Arlo video calls) appear on my Apple Watch.

I have the arlo video doorbell. It’s been a week now since I have it. I love the clear video and voice. My suggestion and I hope you guys can have this available soon is I have a Apple Watch and on my Apple Watch I just get the screenshot and then I have a option to dismiss the message...when I had ring doorbell I had a option to mute the notifications on my Apple there anyway the arlo team can work on that so I can mute the notifications like 30 minutes, 1 hour or 3 hours on my Apple Watch. That would be fantastic as I like my arlo doorbell very much. Also when someone rings the doorbell I don’t get a notification of the doorbell ring on my Apple Watch. If would be great if I can get notifications when someone rings the arlo doorbell on my Apple Watch as well. Thank you kindly.

Needing the arlo doorbell to call apple watch.  I have my iwatch6 set to mirror iphone but the call does not go thru on the watch. I use this doorbell as an emergency call button for my mom. I do not have my phone with me all the time so i got an apple watch specifically for this feature (which it cannot do) Please donthis asap.


Forgot to add that i use the Audio only doorbell as the call button. It really shouldnt be all that difficult to send the call to the watch ( like it does for my ipad) so i can communicate.